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Genuine Chips Tasting

The highest level of taste variation

Another key to armak chips, which distinguishes it from other products, is the use of natural flavors instead of artificial flavors and essential oils, which are intended for a variety of flavors in a variety of flavors and specialties. These flavors include: Balzacic, Cheeses and Mozzarella, Salt Peppers, Garlic and Rosemary, Barbequio, Pepper, and Salt.

Health Brief

The oil used to bake these potatoes is a mixture of the best frying oil and sesame oil. Sesame oil has very high properties, including preventing growth of cancer cells, natural antioxidants, preventing vascular closure, skin opacity and the like.

The pleasure of nature

The chip packaging system is fully automatic. Chips after the final tests and receiving natural and unique flavors are examined in a bowl to measure the actual amount of chips, and then to stay fresh and crisp and to avoid breaking them during transportation.
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